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Workflow and Common Faults of Fully Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine
Release date:2019-1-16
1. What's the matter with a few bags when the bag vacuum packer is fully automated?

The swing arm mechanism of the bag vacuum packaging machine is fixed behind the front side panel of the packaging machine, the bag taking and bagging mechanism is fixed in front of the front side panel of the packaging machine, and the vacuum suction mechanism is connected with the sliding guide rod of the bag taking and bagging, while the bag storehouse is fixed on the front side panel of the vacuum packaging machine to adapt to different kinds, specifications and types of bags storehouse, so as to ensure that one bag is taken out at a time. It will not affect the position of the back bag in the bag store. The phenomenon of taking out bags together with packing bags indicates that the vacuum suction nozzle is broken, which can be solved by replacing the vacuum suction nozzle.

2. What is the reason for the material exceeding the set value of the bag vacuum packaging machine?

The weight of the material is controlled by the measuring machine. After the value is set, it is transmitted to the measuring machine through the sensor. The measuring machine weighs and fills the material. The phenomenon that the bag vacuum packaging machine exceeds the set value can be seen whether the weight is set well at the time of setting, and whether the weight of the packaging is planed at the time of re-inspection. Generally, the values exceeding the set values are not set properly. If there is no problem with the setup, it may be that the sensor is insensitive and needs to be replaced by another sensor.

3. How to adjust the vacuum packaging machine for bags, which can't detect packages at the end of a working cycle?

At the end of a working cycle for the bag vacuum packaging machine, it is impossible to detect the package. At this time, the angle of the detection device can be adjusted to an oblique angle. Adjustment can reduce the probability of the gap between the detection device and the packaging, thus avoiding confusion in the work.