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Performance characteristics of candy automatic packaging machine
Release date:2019-1-16
In fact, those who want to buy candy packaging machine pay most attention to its practicability and high performance and efficiency, the best is functional diversity, suitable for all kinds of candy packaging, so I will introduce the characteristics and advantages of candy automatic packaging machine.

Main performance and structural characteristics: 

1. The candy automatic packaging mechanism material line is composed of a pull distance conveyor, a high-speed automatic feeding machine and an automatic packaging machine. The candy and other products are pulled and arranged by a high-speed feeding machine, and the products are orderly sent to the packaging machine for positioning packaging. To achieve continuous production, orderly, low waste rate, beautiful packaging effect. 

2. The packing speed of a single line can reach 300-500 packages per minute, depending on the size and characteristics of the product. 

3. The whole line uses 220V 50HZ power supply, and the total power of the whole line is about 8KW.

Scope of application:

Mainly for candy, cotton candy, finger bread, oat chocolate, crispy sugar, pine tower, nuts crispy and other shape rules of candy products. The front end can be connected with the production line to realize automatic continuous feeding or manual feeding.